What Are Percentages?

A percentage is a special ratio in which the second term of the ratio is always 100. By expressing a number as a percentage you are reflecting how many times it occurs in relation to 100 times.

Standard Form of a Line

The standard form of a line puts the x and y terms on the left hand side of the equation, makes the coefficient of the x-term positive, and puts everything else on the right side.

Introduction to Systems of Equations

Systems of equations are concepts that first show up in Algebra I. Systems of equations are problems with two or more equations that contain the same variables. There are four methods to solving systems of equations: graphing, substitution, elimination and matrices.

FOIL -Multiplying Polynomials

The basics of multiplying polynomials is mastered when you learn the FOIL method. FOIL stands for First – Outside – Inside – Last. Watch our video lesson to master this Algebra technique.